Leone Rose – February 1, 2020

After turning up to my first meeting with Sue Anderson a few weeks ago, I am aware of what a broad range of vital  information and support I have received and benefited from her.

Might I suggest a more appropriate title for this service should  be along the lines of Life Coaching. because in my experience a financial crisis,  whether on a personal level,  or business level, never happens in isolation. Something these amazing Support people understand as they work to win your trust by encouraging you to explain the  situation that has driven you to their door.

In my own case I have solved most problems in my life by throwing enough money at them until they disappear. However, what to do when there is not enough money, left me panicked and very fearful. My farming father told me back in the 1950s with a twinkle in his eye, that there wasn’t much he couldn’t solve with enough dynamite. However, life has become somewhat more complicated since then and even those of us who planned well for retirement can have our savings swindled from us in any number of unexpected ways and find ourselves in situations beyond our control. To find someone like Sue with her broad knowledge of what options were available to assist me, plus her kindness and understanding and non-judgemental approach was an absolute God send.

I can only speak from my experience, but I want to take this time to express my gratitude for Sue Anderson and recommend her. Especially to anyone who without warning, find themselves financially vulnerable. Being able to manage financially is vital but so is surviving what happens to us that we have little control over,  for example rate and rent increases, ill health and in my own case, the death of my son, a battle with an extremely unsympathetic Council, after 20 years of never missing a payment to them, this was then followed by a Vodafone disagreement, plus  several strokes and a cancer diagnosis. My stress can be imagined without further explanation.

Sue, without you and those who work with you, I doubt I would have found a way forward.

As a Life coach I could not have found better.

Thank you
Sincerely Leonie Rose